Python Programming

Our hands-on and project-based Python Programming course is all your child needs to get set off on an exciting journey of coding.

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Our Best Offer for Your Kids

We have a very unique and mission-driven approach towards teaching coding to kids.

Grounded Methods

Our methods of delivery and curriculum are deeply grounded on proven theory and practice of teaching, especially to kids.

After-school Program

Our program is designed to supplement the school program and in sync with the school schedule. Kids already doing programming in school will still have a lot to gain here.


Our content is engaging and step-by-step challenges to improve the kids problem-solving skills.

Top Coaches

Our coaches are top-notch software engineers, that also trained to teaching kids with patience and care.


We use creative and exciting projects to keep the kids hooked to learning coding.

Flexible Scheduling

Our class scheduling is flexible matching schedules for kids and coaches.

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Welcome to world-class coaching

Let Kids Code (LKC) is an edtech learning platform for kids with a unique approach to teaching kids coding through hands-on, project-based 1:1 mentorship and coaching by top-notch practising developers.


1:1 and tailor-made coaching

Hands-on, project-based approach

Uniquely designed for kids

our classes

Learning By Doing

A coaching program through the foundations of programming, using exciting hands-on projects.

This is an ongoing zero-to-hero gentle Introduction to Python video series that a child can follow at their own pace. It is available for free.

An introduction into the world of cyber-security, through hands-on projects and hacking challenges.

our coaches

Meet Our Excellent Coaches

Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Software Engineer
Tawi Fresh

Software Engineer,
Canary Technologies

Software Engineer

Electrical Engineer
Infraplus Consultants

Software Engineer

Hassan Muhashamy

Software Engineer

Software Engineer
Microsoft Research

Software Engineer
Jembi Health Systems

Shimanyi Valentino

Software Engineer

Software Engineer
Davis & Shirtliff

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Our Upcoming Events

Sat, May 18, 2024
10.00 am - 1.00 pm
Aug 19, 2024 (TBD)
8.00 am - 4.00 pm
Mamlaka Hill Chapel, City Campus