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Python Programming Course

A hands-on project-based training on fundamentals of programming, guided by top-notch software engineers from industry. Your child will also by extension get mentorship and guidance from our coaches.

quality > quantity

A well crafted curriculum

This course is broken down into two related modules. The first module, Foundations of Python Programming, deals with building the foundations. By the end of the module, the student should be able to understand the various constructs in Python programming and be able to write simple programs.

The second module, Python Projects for Kids, we build up on the foundations to program various Python projects, 12 in total (see details below). Students who already have programming experience can skip the foundations module to this one, but they will need to do the 3 foundations projects as a proof of eligibility.

Kids will be taught by practising software engineers.

1-on-1 attention given to each student, not group teaching.

Hands-on approach, where the students build exciting projects that they can showcase.

General Costs: One-off registration @ KES. 3,000, Module I @ KES. 24,000 and Module II @ 32,000.
We have conversion rates for international students, we already have students from South Africa, Uganda, UK and USA.

Curriculum Details: LKC Curriculum: Python Projects for Kids (Google Doc)

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Our Cohort 2 kicks off on the weekend of April 6, 2024